If you’re reading this, you’ve either surprisingly found this on your own or I felt for a moment my talent was great enough to tell you that this page exists. It may be as great as I drunkenly said it was, or it may be as shit as I think it is on a daily basis. But regardless, I am a person who can only truly depict my emotions by writing them down.

I am a twenty something in a world that thinks that being a twenty something is the worst thing you can be. I have two brothers that make me laugh constantly. My parents are in the process of a semi messy, semi clean divorce. I’ve been dating the same guy since I was sixteen, and things are going pretty swell. We have a cat. He lets me basically be a squatter as I pay off my terrifying pile of student loans. During the day I work as a receptionist that spends 90% of the day dealing with people screaming in my ear, and 10% of the day dealing with people that make me forget about the other 90%. I love coffee (hence the blog name), road trips, and music. I watch the same three crappy shows on Netflix constantly.

My first post gets into detail, but all you need to know is that the more I post, the more you’ll know about who I am. Find that good, find that bad, it’s up to you.